Bathtub Installs & Conversions, Shower Enclosures

Bathtub Replacement

Is it time for a new bathtub?  Bathtubs get worn out or outdated.  If you bought a home you may want a new fresh bathtub to enjoy.  We make replacing a bathtub in your home real easy.

Bathtub Conversion

Walk-in Bathtubs

Getting in and out of a bathtub or shower can be dangerous and is a hazard you may want to avoid.  We offer a line of walk-in bathtubs to make bath time enjoyable and relaxing.  These are usually associated with seniors, but our walk-in tubs are so relaxing, everyone should get one.  Give us a call to arrange a free written estimate.

Shower Enclosures – Shower Conversions

Are you a shower person?  Some people never take baths, so what is the point of having 2 or 3 bathtubs in your house?  Our bathtub to shower conversion can transform your boring tub combo into a shower paradise!  Take a shower with more room, upgraded shower systems and easier access.